MA Advance: HighRoads’ Medicare Advantage Solution

Create Growth Through Innovation in the Medicare Advantage Market


Unshackle Your Innovation

MA Advance, HighRoads’ SaaS-based enterprise product and plan management solution, provides the necessary single source of truth for compliant document generation and product differentiation to support a faster pace of innovation with higher efficiency.

Simply put, we help payers grow faster and sell more plans.

Competing to Win

The competitive landscape for Medicare Advantage is well-known and drives consolidation for scale as well as innovation in provider contracting and risk-sharing, clinical quality, and plan administrative operations. However, one area that has lagged in significant innovation is product design.

The process of creating new products – or merely updating last year’s plans – is a stereotypical government approval process. Creating and iterating the bid and producing compliant documentation can be a long and arduous process, complete with antiquated government tools, a byzantine output, and long approval periods needed before creation of the member communications can even begin. Altogether, this process begs for improvement to support lower product development cost to encourage more innovation and therefore sales.

To gain an advantage in this highly competitive space, payers must be able to:

  • Streamline the bid process
  • Create differentiated products
  • Create substantially more products to segment and sub-segment the market

The Competitive Advantage

Achieving higher sales through a more diverse product offerings comes down to having the tools and processes needed to support a faster pace of innovation with higher efficiency. HighRoads offers MA Advance solution on its P2 Advance platform to provide the necessary single source of truth needed to jumpstart your innovation. Highroads’ MA Advance:

  • Ingests native PBP files
  • Outputs custom benefit matrices or other documents for internal consumption
  • Accepts additional data needed for benefit design and member communications
  • Allows manual changes to the benefit data to reflect the complexity of duals and other coverage
  • Supports iteration and versioning
  • Provides compliant document templates
  • Generates the documents needed to communicate with members

Ultimately, the solution supports the creation of time – time to market test, time to review rigorously, and time to translate.

An Investment to Win

Innovating at dramatically lower cost is about differentiating and winning in the market – winning new individual business and winning new EGWP business through the same pace and cost to market. The impact of innovation creates sustainable differentiation to grow not only at the pace of MA growth but to win market share profitably. Growing at 5-10 percent per year is only treading water. HighRoads is here to unshackle your innovation and help you grow as fast as you can conceive.