P2 Advance

Average health plans risk their long-term survival every day. Minimal product differentiation, jumbled portfolios, and limited customization capabilities reflect an inability or reluctance to provide the solutions customers want. Products are constantly changing, driven by the unique needs of mid-sized and large groups, constant innovation for consumers and small groups, and increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

Existing product lifecycle processes and strategies are outdated, resulting in mispriced offerings, extensive and inefficient review cycles, and launch delays. Without flexibility and transparency at the point of sale, your customers forego loyalty and shop around.

HighRoads’ P2A platform enables real-time product development and customization, helping you retain customers, drive new revenue, and sustain profitable pricing.


Payers are creating and changing products constantly based on customization demand from mid-sized and large group business, as well as market-driven changes and segmentation for the consumers and small groups. Failures to respond or innovate quickly are lost sales. Conversely, payers who can differentiate based on responsiveness and innovation win.

Creating new products manually by pulling data from current and historical products and plans can be a tedious and inefficient process between different sources and formats.

Our solution simplifies that process:

  • Offer a secure, Web-based application that accelerates and simplifies the buildout of health insurance products, including medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision plans and riders
  • Configure multiple rider types and assign these to rider groups
  • Create bounded cost-share business rules
  • Automatically approve plans configured within your product guardrails, and automatically flags those not meeting approved business rules
  • Simplify sales-supporting product assembly through a structured hierarchy of products


Using a secure, web-based application based on a centralized source of truth, accelerate the sales and renewal process through on-demand configuration.

  • Eliminate manual handoffs, redundancies and inter-department loopbacks with built-in workflow tools
  • Enable sales reps and brokers with self-service capabilities to configure standard approved plans for new business and renewals based on pre-approved business rules
  • Allows sales reps and brokers to see whether or not a custom plan was previously configured and sold, eliminating time spent seeking unnecessary approval
  • Generate any documents, including Federal-standard Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for configured plans with one click


HighRoads’ media management capabilities quickly generate documents utilizing a secure, web-based application that enables rules-based content authoring. Nimbly build and revise plan documents, creating standard text once and mapping variable text for use in multiple documents.

  • Standardize and control global plan document format, structure and text
  • Generate plan materials in real-time, including SBCs, EOCs, and SPDs as well as Medicare Advantage-specific ANOCs, EOCs, and SBs
  • Customize business rules based on plan, group or market segments
  • Create placeholders for variable text, inserted using standard text business rules
  • Map specific sections to documents for insertions and deletions
  • Track final document iterations through transparent audit trail
  • Unify and automate complex compliance documentation


Streamline document communication and distribution with a closed-loop audit trail, removing uncertainty about document delivery and receipt

  • Distribute documents with a streamlined workflow
  • Manually create text for e-mails or select a standard template
  • Recall a document sent in error
  • Determine how long distribution is available for each document and recipient
  • Ensure recipients receive e-mail with embedded link pointing to online drop box.
  • Verify that recipient can share embedded link internally

Take advantage of HighRoads’ efficient innovation, driving exceptional results:

Agility for a demanding and ever-changing market
Go to market faster with better products that satisfy customer needs

  • One source of truth driving sound enterprise-wide decision-making
  • Insight to guide thoughtful new product development
  • Visibility to streamline and rationalize product portfolio
  • On-demand customization for large groups and ASO
  • Freedom from artificial restrictions on customization
  • Rapid, transparent group sales cycles

For payers, built by payer experts
Leverage decades of industry experience

  • Easily scalable architecture built to anticipate current and future payer needs
  • Compliance framework to adhere with federal and state regulatory and customer requirements
  • Focus on unique organizational requirements of serving members, customers, and providers simultaneously
  • Consultative, high integrity team committed to customer success

Minimize risk and total cost of ownership
Success through thoughtful design and deployment

  • Personalization via configuration, not custom code
  • Modular, phased implementation
  • Configurable flexibility for the unknown
  • Optimized self-service
  • Emphasis on high value, low risk change management

Compete on value and win. Create differentiated products that sell. Generate custom offerings on-demand at a fraction of current costs. Exceed customer expectations and win market share.

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