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Webinar: Is Your Product Lifecycle Strangling Market Growth Opportunities?

Held on November 7th 2017 1:00-2:00 PM EST.

The way health plans go to market today is not sustainable and threatens their long-term survival. Offerings are mispriced and generic, extensive and inefficient review cycles delay launches, and the process from start to finish is both byzantine and slow. Customers are increasingly foregoing loyalty to partner with insurers who deliver point-of-sale flexibility and transparency. Plans delivering what customers want – customized products and pricing that meet their specific needs – are thriving.

This webinar examined why health plans are failing to adapt to market demands driven by modern customer expectations, leading to lost revenue opportunities and increasingly expensive administrative complexities. It explored the benefits of implementing single source of truth solutions that enable plans to succeed by automating product lifecycle processes that offer point-of-sale product customization capabilities.

Attendees learned:

  • Rapid changes in consumer purchasing behavior caught many health plans flat-footed and has contributed to lost revenue
  • The 7 biggest product lifecycle challenges that threaten profitability and long term success
  • Innovative solutions leveraging single source of truth platforms offer health plans a much needed lifeline to meet rapidly evolving market requirements
  • ‘Customer of one’ sales strategies driven by process automation leveraging a shared data platform enable sales teams to close business at the point of sale and solidify customer loyalty
  • Single source of truth solutions generate millions of dollars in savings through administrative efficiencies while enabling the acquisition of new revenue streams within the first year of implementation

Who attended: Health plan head of product, product creation/management, operations, marketing/sales, Medicare, document generation, IT

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Brian Kim, President and CEO at HighRoads

Brian has been guiding HighRoads’ transformation into a strong and cutting-edge market leader since July 2016. He is an innovative and accomplished leader in the health care industry, bringing decades of experience and expertise to his role at HighRoads. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Brian’s energy, customer focus, and strategic vision helped drive a restructuring of ikaSystems, leading to its successful acquisition by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. As CEO of HighRoads, he has continued his steady, repeated successes growing top line revenue, building strategic partnerships, delivering effective marketing and communications strategies, reengineering products, and leading client management teams. In addition to his pivotal roles at HighRoads and ikaSystems, Brian has held leadership and corporate development positions with Medco Health Solutions (Express Scripts), NaviNet (NANTHealth), and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard University.