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Create revenue, efficiency, and market distinction

In a complicated market, your products drive you forward. With technology that reinvents how you create, sell, and manage products you'll build a reputation for agility and responsiveness, win more business, and achieve immediate ROI.
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Work smarter, achieve more

The business of healthcare is not simple. Yet the complex doesn’t need to be complicated. HighRoads automates and re-engineers processes so you can streamline communication, ensure greater accuracy, and reduce administrative effort.

  • Improve resource allocation
  • Reduce costly inaccuracies & errors
  • Increase workflow speed, agility, & flexibility

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Accelerate speed to market with a single source of truth

Instead of wasting time on inconsistent redundancy, structure your data and use it as one of your greatest advantages. HighRoads aligns constituents with a single source of truth, so products are brought to market more quickly, underwriting and product development is efficient, and sales efforts are streamlined.

  • Align departments with a single source of product data
  • Get products to market more quickly & accurately
  • Drive efficiency & cost containment

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Control massive variability with a single source of truth

Our integrated platform helps manage your growing product variability. HighRoads P2A is single source of truth, with intelligent workflows and automation. You get new efficiencies that protect margin and enable the development of more competitive products.

  • Take control of your complex product portfolio
  • Differentiate your product for a competitive advantage
  • Replace multiple manual tools with one agile system

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Customize, sell, & deliver plans faster

Clients expect you to deliver the products and services they need quickly and affordably. HighRoads makes responsive, on-demand customization easy — expediting time to market and helping you win more sales. Our unique ability to both drive revenue and cut costs will accelerate returns and deliver almost immediate savings to your business.

  • Empower decision making at the point of sale
  • Quickly customize plans with accelerated quoting
  • Generate more sales, faster

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Stay compliant with ever-evolving rules & regulations

Change is the only constant in health plan regulations. Our platform is specifically designed to help you stay on top of requirements and ensure downstream accuracy. From document generation to inter-department communications, we integrate your data to ensure greater accuracy and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Ensure accurate products & documents
  • Reduce redundancy & rework

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From local to national, a solution for every health plan

Power your business with HighRoads P2A

Product Management
Product ManagementEfficiently design the differentiated products your accounts and members need. Structure complex product data into a single source of truth, so you can use complexity to your advantage.
Sales Enablement
Sales EnablementEquip your sales teams with the ability to customize products on demand. Build a reputation as responsive and flexible to fuel faster sales at greater volumes, with integration directly into Salesforce or another CRM system.
Document Generation
Document GenerationStreamline and automate arduous processes that slow you down. Deliver accurate and compliant plan documents in minutes instead of weeks.

Our partnerships go beyond our technology

Reliable delivery

We’ve built a successful track record implementing P2A in just a few months – even for the largest and most complex plans. Highroads minimizes deployment risk while delivering fast results.

Industry expertise

Our business is 100% focused on health plans. We understand the pressures you face and have helped both regional and national health plans achieve their business goals.

Valued partnership

We invest in long-term relationships and are committed to providing ongoing value for our clients. When you win, we win too.

Case Studies

We Provide Services Supporting 1 in 9 Americans

Quick & Consistent ExpansionSee how one national health plan went live across 14 states in under 4 months and the continuous value achieved through efficiency, cost reduction, and speed to market.
Monumental ImpactAnother multi-state payer addressed an acute challenge with a solution that created opportunity for the entire organization. Read more about how they realized ROI quickly with immediate cost savings and efficiencies.
Long-Term PartnershipOne of the nations’ fastest growing health plans has modernized its legacy systems with agile product management solutions. See how their investments over the years have helped them achieve their goals.
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