P2A: Sales Enablement

Close Business Faster

Enable sales to customize plans, prepare offerings, and generate proposals at the point of sale, using a platform with embedded guardrails and rules for automatic approval.

P2A Value

  • Sales teams empowered to sell faster with point of sale plan customization and proposal creation
  • Assurance that what is sold is allowed, priced correctly and profitably, and communicated downstream


P2A Benefits

  • Accelerated revenue growth
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Sales flow efficiencies and cost savings
  • Enormous competitive advantage


P2A Features

  • Self-service capabilities to configure standard approved plans at the point of sale
  • Guardrails and pre-determined rules to stay within allowable limits
  • Built-in workflows for better collaboration
  • Search capabilities that quickly identify a best fit plan
  • Automated workflows that enable faster pricing and quoting
  • Automated exceptions workflows that facilitate plan creation and allow for higher levels of customization
  • Automated downstream data transfer
  • Automatically generated plan documents for configured plans

Designed with the healthcare payer in mind

Configurable flexibility

No custom code base is needed, so it’s easy to adapt the platform to meet your evolving business needs.

Self-service optimization

An advanced platform that was built to empower our partners for self-sufficiency, unburdening IT dependency and providing enormous flexibility for business users.

API enabled platform

The ability to convert massive amounts of complex data into easily digestible information for use by downstream systems.

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