Configuring Medicare Products

Streamline Error-Free Bid Creation


Creating Medicare products is a complicated process that is made more challenging by reliance on antiquated tools.

In addition to the endless iterations inherent in the Medicare bid process, you have added complexity, cost, and time with inefficiencies in manual legacy tools.



Complete bid generation in hours, not months, with automation.

Simplify Medicare bid generation with a single source of truth that manages all product data within an integrated system. Accelerate the process using automated workflows that provide transparency across constituents, facilitating fast and accurate product creation.

  • Lower product development costs for government contracts
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Easily build new products and differentiate existing ones
  • Automatically ensure regulatory compliance
  • Generate error-free plan documents in minutes
  • Grow profitable Medicare business
  • Build a reputation for innovation, flexibility, and responsiveness

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