P2A: MA Accelerator

Win the Medicare Advantage Market with Product Innovation

Uniquely Efficient Implementation Up to 99% Faster than the original

P2A: MA Accelerator, offers a comprehensive solution for Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) to stay compliant and drive market growth. With a single product source of truth and automation, health plans bring innovative products to market faster and outpace the competition.

  • Save Time
  • Stay Compliant
  • Accelerate Market Growth

P2A: MA Accelerator gets you more time.

Earlier Start, Better Finish

P2A allows you to access, update, and configure your products and plans all year, so you are no longer constrained to CMS’ timeline. This alleviates the challenges posed by last-minute updates from CMS and the time pressure associated with completing tasks later in the cycle, close to the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Faster PBP Filing

Expedited, compliant, and automated PBP workflow allows for the creation of benefit plans directly in the system. The process includes built-in validation and version control to increase accuracy. Filing is faster, easier, and has fewer objections, ultimately saving time. P2A captures the same data points as the HPMS system, and its API-forward architecture ensures flawless integration, eliminating the tedious manual data entry associated with current processes.

Time-Saving Benefit Package Automation

Design and manage complex benefits (MSBs, OSBs, VBIDs, SSBCs, MAUFs) within P2A by creating “benefit packages”. Benefit packages are reusable and save time by reducing redundant data entry.
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Quick, Accurate Document Generation

Effortlessly create documents using pre-configured templates that extract data directly from your approved product and plan data, ensuring accuracy. Out of the box, standard templates for EOC and ANOC are available, requiring only formatting and branding adjustments which are easily made by the user in the user-friendly Word templates. Automation minimizes manual involvement, further reducing the risk of errors in all Regulatory and Marketing document types.

Efficient Competitor Plan Comparison

Conveniently access your competitor’s plan data and conduct a side-by-side comparison directly within P2A. This eliminates the lengthy processes of comparing data across multiple platforms.

Optimized Self-Service Capabilities

P2A: MA Accelerator simplifies product management with self-service capabilities that enable business users to implement changes promptly without dependence on IT or the vendor so you can bring products to market faster.

99% Faster Implementations

With our unique implementation approach and proven, reliable track record, we can get you up and running faster. Out of the box, the solution is Medicare-ready and can be configured to fit your unique requirements. With an accelerated implementation process, you can meet market demands and drive MA membership growth immediately. The result: a modern, Medicare-ready “enterprise source of truth.”

Growth Starts at Innovation. Innovation Starts at HighRoads.

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Extend the Value of Your Product Data with Enterprise Connectivity

P2A’s purpose built Enterprise Connectivity ensures extensibility with upstream and downstream integration to optimize your product data. Our API-forward architecture connects key administrative data and processes including:

  • CRMs and Sales Solutions
  • Claims Benefit Configuration
  • Customer Service
  • Underwriting
  • Medical Management

Designed with the healthcare payer in mind

Configurable flexibility

No custom code base is needed, so it’s easy to adapt the platform to meet your evolving business needs.

Self-service optimization

An advanced platform that was built to empower our partners for self-sufficiency, unburdening IT dependency and providing enormous flexibility for business users.

API enabled platform

The ability to convert massive amounts of complex data into easily digestible information for use by downstream systems.

Case Studies

We Provide Services Supporting 1 in 9 Americans

Quick & Consistent ExpansionSee how one national health plan went live across 14 states in under 4 months and the continuous value achieved through efficiency, cost reduction, and speed to market.
Monumental ImpactAnother multi-state payer addressed an acute challenge with a solution that created opportunity for the entire organization. Read more about how they realized ROI quickly with immediate cost savings and efficiencies.
Long-Term PartnershipOne of the nations’ fastest growing health plans has modernized its legacy systems with agile product management solutions. See how their investments over the years have helped them achieve their goals.

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