P2A: MA Accelerator

Take the Pain Out of Your Medicare Advantage Pain Points

Building competitive Medicare Advantage (MA) plans involves time- and resource-intensive challenges. HighRoads Medicare Advantage solution gives you back wasted time and helps grow your business by tackling consistent Medicare Advantage pain points, including:

  • Manual processes
  • Tight CMS timelines
  • Multiple, disjointed sources of truth
  • Costly missed deadlines

P2A MA Accelerator Value

  • More time to enhance your product offerings and promote sustainable growth
  • Ability to harness the power of your data to drive organizational wide efficiencies

P2A MA Accelerator Benefits

Medicare Product Management: Easier Path to Market-Driven Products

  • Greater visibility and control over growing MA product portfolios
  • Simpler plan creation and updates with built-in CMS validation
  • Faster product innovation through side-by-side competitor comparisons

Medicare PBP submission: Expedited, Compliant, PBP Filing Workflow

  • Smoother bid preparation and incorporation of CMS model changes
  • Fewer objections and faster filing time due to built-in compliance validation
  • Enterprise-wide source of truth for approved plan data

Medicare DocGen: Automated, On-Demand Document Generation

  • Built-in CMS compliance validation
  • Auto-generated documents from approved product/ plan source data
  • Pre-built templates with embedded CMS rules for SBs, ANOCs, and EOCs

Out of the box, the solution is Medicare-ready and is configurable to fit your unique requirements. With an accelerated implementation process, you can meet market demands and drive MA membership growth immediately. You gain greater protection against missed deadlines, compliance issues, mispriced offerings, and penalties. Plus, an API-forward architecture permits fast and easy integration across your entire organization. The result: a modern, Medicare-ready “enterprise source of truth.”