P2A: Product Management

An Easier Path to Market-Driven Products

Create and manage your product portfolio – quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the volume or complexity of your product data, a single source of truth makes it easy for you to design and manage market leading products from end-to-end.

P2A Value

  • Visibility and control over massive product portfolios
  • Insights to guide thoughtful product development
  • Centralized collaboration between key stakeholders


P2A Benefits

  • Accelerated revenue growth
  • Faster speed to market
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Operational efficiencies


P2A Features


Product Management


  • A single source to house your entire product portfolio
  • Bulk updates for quicker implementation of changes
  • Plan editing and copying to facilitate new plan creation
  • Automated versioning and audit trail with tracked changes that can easily be reverted


Product Design


  • Configuration in minutes, not weeks
  • Workflows and automation that simplify the build process
  • Product templates that serve as baselines for future plans and portfolios
  • Easy side-by-side comparisons of multiple products
  • Automatic validation and alerts to ensure product compliance
  • Automated configuration of Medicare products using templates embedded with CMS rules
  • Automated product filing, including QHP filing

Designed with the healthcare payer in mind

Configurable flexibility

No custom code base is needed, so it’s easy to adapt the platform to meet your evolving business needs.

Self-service optimization

An advanced platform that was built to empower our partners for self-sufficiency, unburdening IT dependency and providing enormous flexibility for business users.

API enabled platform

The ability to convert massive amounts of complex data into easily digestible information for use by downstream systems.

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