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Empowering Choice: Servicing Mass Customization of Product

Around the holidays a couple years ago, I went to Barnes & Noble with my family and we easily found every book we wanted. The checkout line, however, was incredibly long. Instead of standing in line for thirty minutes, I opened the Amazon app on my phone and scanned the barcode on each book, ordered


Empowering Choice: Selling Mass Customization of Product

Empowering choice through member level benefits is not about offering endless choices – it’s about finding the right choices for each member. Like Spotify’s algorithm, the ability to guide people to their best option depends on the strategic use of technology. Payers too can offer more choices and effectively sell customized products. Think about car


Empowering Choice: Mass Product Customization

Seeing my wife pull up her “weekend playlist” got me thinking about the transformational shift of the music industry – from a selection of albums at your local record store to built-for-you playlists customized for your individual ear and available right at your fingertips through apps like Spotify. The music subscription service has mastered consumerization.