Thoughts from the Road

Like a river, change is constant

My wife and I were once lucky enough to hike the Grand Canyon, making our way down from the South Rim to Bright Angel Campground. I can’t possibly recommend the experience enough. It’s amazing to be inside that place and see what the river has created. Despite all the obvious evidence around us, it was


COVID-19 and 9/11: Opportunities to Excel and Transform Crisis into Growth

Sitting at home now for the third week, it seems accurate to call this unprecedented. Also, a bit trite. It’s just a genuinely lousy time between the personal concern for loved ones and self, the societal impact of seeing the daily infected and death tolls rise, and the longer-term concern for our economy and its


Iowa, Healthcare Software, Lessons to Learn

Disclaimer: This is not a political blog or platform for political conversation. However, it’s hard to ignore the mess that the Iowa caucus has become. So, bringing it back to what we care about for these thoughts, I see a useful, albeit somewhat obvious to the experienced, cautionary tale of the dangers involved when launching