Thoughts from the Road

Using Infrastructure to Pave the Way for Innovation

I just spent a few days in Vegas. To my wife’s relief, I didn’t get into trouble—no tigers in the suite or Mike Tyson punching out me or anyone else. Instead, I spent my days meeting and listening to healthcare innovators in the MGM Grand Convention Center. The presentations were great, but I found that while listening to discussions about the future, I started thinking about high-efficiency boilers, AC compressors, new roofs, and asphalt.


Dress Shirts = Health Insurance?

We’re in an odd industry. With the notable exception of higher education (which really needs a shakeout), what other industry thinks that an annual inflation rate of 6.5% is low? After all, it’s only 3.5 times CPI growth(!).


Hope versus Reality: Delivering IT Solutions

After over nearly two decades in and around health plan IT, I’m routinely puzzled by a repeated phenomenon that reminds me of my father’s friend, who I met as a kid back in the early 80s.

This guy loved cars. He had a pretty sweet collection – a couple late 60’s Mercedes 320/380SLs, as well as a 1977 Lotus Esprit and a DeLorean (before Back to the Future made it famous). He loved showing them off in his beautiful windowed garage.