Thoughts from the Road

Dress Shirts = Health Insurance?

We’re in an odd industry. With the notable exception of higher education (which really needs a shakeout), what other industry thinks that an annual inflation rate of 6.5% is low? After all, it’s only 3.5 times CPI growth(!).


Hope versus Reality: Delivering IT Solutions

After over nearly two decades in and around health plan IT, I’m routinely puzzled by a repeated phenomenon that reminds me of my father’s friend, who I met as a kid back in the early 80s.

This guy loved cars. He had a pretty sweet collection – a couple late 60’s Mercedes 320/380SLs, as well as a 1977 Lotus Esprit and a DeLorean (before Back to the Future made it famous). He loved showing them off in his beautiful windowed garage.


Consumerism and Healthcare: Observations

Consumerism. I wish I could define it. We applied that label nearly two decades ago to healthcare in order to make people realize what things cost, and increasingly move expense to consumers’ out of pocket. But in today’s world, the term is better applied to the immediate gratification we experience through Instagram,, and Uber Eats. These interactions are all about creating an instant dopamine hit with a few clicks. But more than anything, they’re about choice, alternatives that we never had before.